Model in Kimono 40x30 1986

These Paintings Make You Curious?

The Eric-and-Jula-Isenburger-Society is looking for an engaged and talented student of art history to work on the painter’s American period.

The painter Eric Isenburger, born in 1902 in Germany and his wife Jula, a distinguished dancer, who influenced her husbands work strongly, left Europe in 1941 as refugees, New York became the center of their new life.

Here Eric Isenburger became very successful. He exhibited widely, received several art prizes and taught painting for many years. But first and foremost he was a very inspired and productive artist.

The Eric-and-Jula-Isenburger-Society, after having supported intense research on Eric Isenburgers European period, now hopes to put emphasis on his American time.

If you are interested to become a pioneer and work on Eric Isenburgers unique American work, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Eric-and-Jula-Isenburger-Society will provide every possible logistic and financial support.

Contact: The-Eric-and-Jula-Isenburger-Society [email protected]